Spa Services

Back Massage


Inviting & Stress Relieving

Massage Therapy Treatments are essential to health and well-being.

Holding Hands


Reconnect while you relax

These services include a $25+ restaurant gift card and two bottles of Champagne or a box of chocolates!

Spa Robe


Tremendous Value

Want to CUSTOMIZE your Spa Package? We are here to service your needs.

Facial Mask


Relief for any skin type

Treat your face to special care by our skilled staff.

Aromatherapy Oil


Skin Nurturing

Our Purifying, Revitalizing and Stimulating Body Wraps and Body Scrubs will reduce stress.

Online Shopping


Check back often

Seniors, Military Personnel and Holiday Discounts available.

Wax Appointment

Wax Services

Options for all body areas

Remove unwanted hair from head to toe

Relaxing Facial


Total Body Wellness

These services give your wellness treatment added benefits of relaxation, revitalization and rejuvenation.