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Wax Appointment

wax services

Full Body wax services

Our Experts use hard wax for a cleaner, safer, smoother and natural waxing experience. Please refrain from shaving or tweezing at least two weeks prior to appointment. Contraindications: Accutane, Retin-A, Differin & Renova (may experience skin irritation and/or allergic reaction. 
Enjoy a glass of Champagne or Mimosa with your service.

bikini bottoms

Bikini Wax $45

This is a basic tidying. Hair is removed from the sides of your panty line and a little across the top so no hair peeks out of the panty line. Does not include the butt strip. 

lip wax.jpg

Upper Lip Wax $25

I mustache you a question, but I waxed it!

Brighten up the face with this hair removal service. 

Eyes and Brows

Eyebrows $25

Bold and beautiful, this brow wax will transform your look. Clean up any unwanted hairs while giving you the shape you want. 


Brazilian Wax $65

Enjoy a Brazilian your way, this service includes butt strip. Ask the esthetician for any special requests you may have. This wax will leave you smooth and hairless. Add on numbing spray to enhance your service for a flawless and painless experience.

Beautiful Smile

Chin Wax $25

Chin up Queen, You're gorgeous! 

Clean up unwanted hair and walk with your chin held high. 

Woman's Back

Full Back Wax $75

This wax is great for men or women looking to clean and brighten the back. Get all of the peach fuzz and hair removed from the back leaving a super clean canvas. 

leg wax.jpeg

Full Leg Wax $80

Tired of razor burn and bumps? Take a load off while we do the work. This wax ensures a silky smooth finish. 

Smiling Woman

Full Face Wax $60

Feeling refreshed, this wax includes removal from the hairline, eyebrows, nose, sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, lower lip, chin and front of the neck. Leaving you brighter and smoother for weeks. 

under arm.jpg

Under arms $30

We'll take care of it carefully and delicately. Waxing is a great exfoliant assisting in helping brighten up the under arm area. 

Light Exfoliant Sugar Scrub $20.00
Aromatherapy Inhalation Relaxation Treatment $10.00

Enjoy a pain free experience with the pain-relieving numbing spray! This spray is sure to take the edge off any sensitive job. Great for Brazilians and sensitive bikini areas. This enhancement will make you appreciate your fresh canvas and the painless wax.

This gentle exfoliant scrub uses refined, granulated sugar mixed with Rosemary, Strawberry, and Witch Hazel to help prevent ingrown hair and exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells. A hot towel is used to melt away the sugar and open the pores which allows waxing to remove the hair easily. leaving the skin refreshed, clean, and smooth!

Great for clients to relax before waxing service begins. Choose your aromatherapy and enjoy a scalp and face massage for 5 minutes, focusing on pressure points. 

Numbing Spray $5.00
Brazilian/ Bikini Hair Trim $5.00

If hair is longer than 1/4 inch, must be trimmed down. 

Dry Exfoliant with Gloves $3.00

Exfoliating before hair removal allow the hair to be removed easily and makes the wax last longer.

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