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Body Salt Scrub and Wraps

Our Purifying, Revitalizing and Stimulating Body Wraps and Body Scrubs will reduce stress while boosting circulation, stimulating metabolism and relieving harmful body toxins.  Impurities and dead skin cells are gently removed from the skin during your exfoliating body scrub. 

**Enhance your Body Treatment with one or more of our Le Paradis Spa Enhancements.

Salts Massage


90 Minutes $160 


120 Minutes $195

Himalayan Crystal Salt Glow 

Our Himalayan Crystal Salt Glow Scrub contains 84 essential minerals which are readily absorbed into the skin during your exfoliant treatment. Benefits include: Alleviating severe dry skin disorders, stimulates circulation, increase moisture retention, promote cellular generation, detoxify the skin and helps heal dry, scaling and irritated skin. This service includes a massage using our Ayurveda Versa Cream to replenish moisture back to the body and a 30-minute hydrotherapy jacuzzi treatment.

Rosemary and Mint Detoxifying Body Wrap

Detox and moisturize your body with our bentonite clay and dead sea mud body wrap infused with jojoba, evening primrose and flaxseed oils. This scrub is lightly scented with rosemary and mint oils. Product is removed with warm damped towels and a 30-minute massage to replenish moisture back to the body. 

60 Minutes $95 


90 Minutes $135 

120 Minutes $170

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